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A case of jls205 rotary machine failure

when printing with jls205 rotary machine, there was a failure, that is, the ink volume on the front of the printed product suddenly decreased, and it was useless to apply ink quickly. The inspection found that the wave roller did not operate. Test the 110v-2.4a micro motor and confirm that the motor did not rotate. When it was removed for inspection, it was found that the mace pin connected to the micro motor was seriously worn and had no edges and corners

after replacing the mace pin testing machine, the wave roller still does not rotate. After re measurement, it was concluded that there was a problem with the micromotor. So a new micro motor was replaced, and the test run was normal. However, the machine only ran for a few minutes, and the printing did not ink again, and it was the same side. It seemed that it was the problem of the micro motor. It is found from the observation that the model of this motor is different from the original one, which was 110v-2.4a, and the 220 spring testing machine with the range of v-1.2a has just been replaced. Because several types of micro motors have the same style, the testing machine adopts the Japanese exchange servo speed regulation system, which leads to electrician's wrong installation. The replacement model is 110v-2.4 ② The new micro motor that moves the pressure plate (or beam) a still doesn't rotate. Further measurement shows that there are components in the electric box that are damaged, resulting in poor contact. It is re welded. The micro motor rotates, the wave roller acts normally, and the phenomenon of small ink is also relieved

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