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Sandvik acquires mine digital technology company newtrax

Sandvik acquires mine digital technology company newtrax

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in the whole mining industry, data has become more and more valuable. Through data analysis and artificial intelligence, we see the possibility of improving operation efficiency

on April 17, Sandvik made a new move in the field of mine automation. Xuanbu plans to acquire newtrax, which is also a leader in underground mine automation. This is a high-tech supplier providing underground mining monitoring including personnel, equipment and environment. The combination of the two companies is bound to bring new innovations

the wireless IOT of Sandvik Optimine and newtrax is a product portfolio that leads mine digitalization

join forces to create greater value

combined solutions are not limited to mining equipment or networks of specific brands

first of all, this is the demand from underground hard rock mines

"the addition of newtrax will further strengthen and consolidate our leadership in the field of automation and digitalization," said Henrik a, President of Sandvik mining and rock technology, whose processing method meets a variety of international and domestic standards

"by combining our existing Optimine and newtrax solutions, we can more effectively help customers obtain greater resource utilization. This system can be compatible with any brand and network, making customers' solutions more flexible." Patrick Murphy, President of Sandvik mining and rock technology drilling tool technology business department, said

secondly, this is a combination of optimization of mining benefits

then, this is a super complementary scheme of an all digital ecosystem

what is Sandvik Optimine? Today we won't repeat it here. You can check the previous articles:

Sandvik Optimine | using intelligent mining tools to improve productivity

What does newtrax do

simply speaking, it is a wireless IOT and big data solution for underground metal mines. The combination of the two is like the following...

finally, This is a scheme that can achieve compatibility. Domestic 3-yuan cathode material enterprises are still in the stage of competition. The interoperability of Sandvik digital scheme is based on the following points:

the process of extracting vanadium from stone coal is relatively backward. Sandvik system is based on open architecture

Sandvik intelligent device operation data can be read directly from the device through the preset interface

Sandvik intelligent equipment and mining operation data can be read on the server through the preset interface

Sandvik system can read and apply data from third-party systems

newtrax matches the principle of interoperability

in other words, the two systems can be seamlessly compatible,

and can be used on equipment and networks of any brand underground

isn't it great

as a Sandvik customer, how will you benefit

1. At the same time, it has two industry-leading digital solutions for underground hard rock mines

2 The most comprehensive mine system solutions, including:

remote sensing monitoring for all brand equipment

safety tracking and supervision of personnel

environmental monitoring and deployment

3 Selection of integrated solutions

4 A complete set of combined solutions, compatible mining equipment and networks are not limited to specific brands

the acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019. Newtrax will retain its original brand and continue its business. At the same time, we will work with Sandvik to provide the most comprehensive digital solution for underground hard rock mining, and establish a mechanism to prevent and resolve excess capacity

digital mining is the trend of mining in the future. Sandvik is focusing on this and working hard in this direction. We can't wait to meet the future

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