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Beijing, November 17 (Xinhua) -- after the terrorist attacks in Paris, a wave of anti refugees soon emerged in western countries. The governors of more than a dozen U.S. states and several Republican presidential candidates said on the 16th that they refused to accept Syrian refugees. Some Canadian politicians also asked the federal government to suspend the reception of refugees. The right-wing forces in France and Germany, as well as Eastern European countries, have issued eviction orders for refugees

UN spokesman stefand larivie responded on the 16th that the concerns of these countries were "understandable", but this approach was not desirable

[multi state disaster in the United States]

documents presented by Greece show that the attacker Ahmed Mohammed landed on the Greek island of lelos in a small boat on October 4

according to the Paris terrorist attack investigation, at least one attacker may enter Europe as a refugee with a Syrian passport, confirming some people's concerns that terrorists may sneak into western countries with refugees and then launch terrorist attacks. This news gives Republicans in the United States more reason to oppose hosting Syrian refugees, who are not welcome but are used too frequently

the governors of more than a dozen states, including Alabama, Michigan, South Carolina and Oklahoma, and a number of Republican presidential candidates have expressed their rejection of Syrian refugees since the 15th. Most of these governors are Republicans, and some are Democrats

the attitude of U.S. state governments towards accepting Syrian refugees to avoid safety accidents: red means rejection, green means consent

the US government received 1682 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2014. In the last fiscal year, the number was only 105. Under the pressure of European refugee flows, the Obama administration promised to increase the number of Syrian refugees to 10000 in the next fiscal year

the US State Department will be responsible for the diversion of these refugees to the States. According to the associated press, Texas, California and Michigan are the states that receive the most war refugees

from the legal point of view, if the federal government decides to accept refugees, states can not refuse to implement it, but they can set up procedural obstacles and reduce financial investment, making it difficult for refugees to settle down

[voices come and go]

on September 10, in Vancouver, Syrian refugee families received by Canada visited the refugee complex under construction on the construction site. (Xinhua News Agency)

some provincial and municipal officials in Canada also made a public statement on the 16th, calling for the suspension of the refugee plan of the new prime minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau previously announced that Canada would receive 25000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year

Quebec Immigration Minister Katherine Weil and Saskatchewan governor Brad wall issued a statement saying that Trudeau's refugee plan was "too fast" to ensure that the security review for refugees could be completed on time

wall wrote in a letter to Trudeau, "if a small group of people who want to destroy Canada take the opportunity to enter due to the rush of refugee resettlement, the result may be devastating."

on November 16, the German right-wing movement "European patriots resist Western Islamization" held a rally in Dresden. (photo source: Xinhua/Reuters)

the French far right old Party national front and the German right-wing movement "European patriots resist Western Islamization" also called on Europe to immediately stop accepting refugees from West Asia and North Africa. Hungary, Poland and other Eastern European countries have also asked the European Union to change the refugee policy and stop the auxiliary equipment of the plastic granulation unit, mainly including setting out device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter, spark tester, and take-up device to accommodate refugees

[UN reprimand]

UN spokesman de la Riviere reprimanded the attitude of relevant countries towards refugees on the 16th

he said: "it is understandable that the State takes all necessary measures to protect its citizens from terrorism. But it is not the right way to target those refugees who have fled the war and are themselves vulnerable."

de la Rivier said: "these refugees fled the brutal acts of the 'Islamic state' we saw in the terrorist attacks in Paris, which played a decisive role in measuring the accuracy of tension. Our attitude towards refugee flows should be sympathetic and empathic."

the American NGO Hebrew immigration relief also criticized the Republican governor for rejecting refugees

Melanie nezel, vice president of the relief society, said that the refugees targeted by these politicians were not the perpetrators of terrorist violence, but the victims. If they were all turned away, "the consequences would be tragic"

Macedonia, refugees crossing the Greek border wait to board the train to Serbia. (photo source: Xinhua/AFP)

the US State Department issued a statement on the 16th in response to the concerns of these governors. Spokesman marktona said that the refugees received by the United States will not pose a threat to domestic security after layers of security review, and the government will also take further measures to dispel the doubts of these governors

Tona said, "we will deal with this matter seriously. But we do not believe that these people (Syrian refugees) represent any real threat."

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