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Concept and application of EDM machine tools

special machining machine tools that use the principle of EDM to process conductive materials. Also known as electro etching machine tool. EDM machine tools are mainly used to process all kinds of high hardness materials (such as cemented carbide and quenched steel) and molds and parts with complex shapes, as well as cutting, slotting and removal of fracture. 1. Maximum experimental force: 6000kn; Tools (such as drill bits and taps) in the workpiece hole

EDM machine tools are usually divided into EDM forming machine tools, EDM wire cutting machine tools and EDM grinding machine tools, as well as various special-purpose EDM plus. This toy manufacturer headquartered in Billund announced on June 16 that it would invest in EDM machine tools, such as EDM machine tools for machining small holes, thread ring gauges and special-shaped hole spinning plates

EDM forming machine tools are the main varieties of EDM machine tools. According to the structure of machine tools, they are divided into gantry type, ram type, cantilever type, frame column type and desktop EDM forming machine tools. In addition, they can also be divided into ordinary, precision and high-precision EDM forming machine tools according to the machining accuracy. EDM forming machine tool is generally composed of body, pulse power supply, automatic control system, working fluid circulation filtration system and fixture accessories. The machine tool body includes the bed, column, spindle head, workbench and other parts. Its main function is to support and fix the workpiece and tool electrode, and realize the feed movement of the tool electrode relative to the workpiece through the transmission mechanism. The function of pulse power supply is to provide energy for EDM. There are relaxation type, thyristor type, electronic tube type, silicon controlled and transistor type pulse power supply, among which transistor type pulse power supply is the most widely used. The automatic control system consists of an automatic regulator and an adaptive control device. The automatic regulator and its actuator are used to maintain a certain spark discharge gap in the EDM process to ensure that the machining process is normal and stable. The adaptive control device is mainly used to adaptively adjust various parameters of the gap state change, such as single parameter or multi parameter, in order to achieve the best machining state. Working fluid circulation and filtration system is an essential part of EDM. Kerosene with high efficiency and stability and transformer oil are generally used as working fluid. The working fluid circulating filtration system is composed of liquid storage tank, filter, pump, control valve and other components. The filtration methods include medium filtration, centrifugal filtration and electrostatic filtration. Fixture accessories include special fixtures for electrodes, oil cups, track processing devices (translation heads), electrode rotating heads, electrode dividing heads, etc

with the development of digital control technology, EDM machine tools have been numerically controlled and controlled by microcomputer. The function of the machine tool is more perfect, the degree of automation is greatly improved, and the automatic positioning and addition of electrodes and workpieces are realized, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic. The automatic conversion of working conditions, the automatic exchange of electrodes, the automatic feeding of worktable, the multidirectional servo control of translation head, etc. The adoption of low loss power supply, micro finishing power supply, adaptive control technology and perfect fixture system has significantly improved the processing speed, processing accuracy and processing stability, and expanded the scope of application. EDM machine tools are not only developing in the direction of small size, precision and special purpose, but also developing in the direction of super large size that can process automobile bodies and large stamping dies

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