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Concept and application of gasoline engine

gasoline engine is a spark ignition internal combustion engine that uses gasoline as fuel

gasoline engines generally adopt the reciprocating plug structure, which is composed of the body, crank and connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution system, oil supply system, lubrication system and ignition system, which are still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in China

gasoline engine is lighter than diesel engine, and then use this measurement standard to measure the size of the friction surface. It has low manufacturing cost, low noise, good low-temperature starting performance, but low thermal efficiency and high fuel consumption. Motorcycles, chainsaws and other low-power power power machinery, in order to be portable and cheap, commonly used two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engines; For the sake of simple structure, reliable operation and low cost, Fixed low-power gasoline engines mostly use four stroke water-cooled type; Cars and light trucks mostly use water-cooled gasoline engines with overhead valves, and the fan is replaced again. It is highly automated and intelligent. However, with the increasing attention to the problem of fuel consumption, diesel engines are widely used in this kind of vehicles; In order to be light and high-power, the engines used in small aircraft mostly use air-cooled gasoline engines with hemispherical combustion chambers

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