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Analysis of the concept of excessive packaging of goods and Thinking on its management

in an era of dazzling commodities, the role of packaging is becoming increasingly prominent. Packaging not only has the basic functions of protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, and facilitating calculation, but also can beautify commodities, guide consumption, and improve the added value of commodities. However, the technical status of the pressure testing machine equipped in a laboratory marks the technical level of the laboratory to a large extent. Some manufacturers violate the packaging rules of economic benefits, safety and health, environmental protection and energy conservation, and over package goods in pursuit of promotion and high profits, which not only wastes national resources, but also damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and has aroused widespread concern in the society

I. packaging and over packaging of goods

over packaging is relatively normal packaging. According to the definition of the national standard "general terms of packaging", the concept of packaging refers to the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods to protect commodities, facilitate transportation and promote sales in the process of circulation. It includes three levels: the first level refers to the container closest to the product; The second level refers to the protection of the first level of packaging materials; The third level refers to the product information, which appears on the packaging or is mixed with the packaging. Generally, it conveys the commodity name, production date, purpose, manufacturer, use and storage method, trademark name, brand name, batch number, quality assurance, expiration date before selecting the fixture and other information

excessive packaging refers to the packaging in which the size of the packaging container is inconsistent with the internal goods, the packaging cost is inconsistent with the internal goods, the reserved space is too large, and the proportion of the packaging cost in the total value of the goods is too high, which exceeds the basic needs of commodity sales

second, the harm of excessive packaging of goods is greater.

excessive packaging of goods often leads to excessive packaging consumables, excessive weight, excessive internal volume of packaging or packaging volume, too high-grade packaging materials, too luxurious decoration, and too high cost. From the perspective of direct consequences, it is easy to cause consumer disgust. In terms of indirect consequences, its harm is even greater

first, waste national resources. According to relevant data, the country produces an average of 1.2 billion shirts and 240000 tons of paper for packaging boxes every year, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees with thick bowls. The cartons commonly used for over packing shirts are only a drop in the ocean. If you calculate the amount of paper used for packaging all goods and the trees to be cut down, it is undoubtedly an amazing number

second, environmental pollution. It takes more than 200 years for plastic products used for over packaging to be absorbed by the soil. These chemical wastes cause serious pollution to the environment. According to statistics, the value of non recyclable solid waste and recyclable renewable resources in China each year is more than 50 billion yuan

third, misleading consumption and damaging the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The reason why manufacturers pursue excessive packaging is to pursue high profits. The packaging cost of many goods not only exceeds 30% of the value of the goods, but also exceeds the value of the goods themselves, making consumers feel like "buying a coin for a pearl", and they don't know whether they are buying goods or packaging

III. countermeasures to deal with the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods

genuine goods and value for money should be the most important standard for producers to choose products and consumers to buy goods. To control the excessive packaging of goods, we should first start from saving national resources and protecting the ecological environment, and carry out the centralized rectification of the national competent departments and the active participation of the majority of consumers

for example, for excessive packaging behaviors that waste national resources and pollute the ecological environment, we should encourage manufacturers to consciously adjust packaging behaviors by levying taxes

in the governance and rectification of excessive packaging of goods, it is best to clarify a more authoritative national competent department to ensure that the governance work can be promoted and implemented

as the victims of excessive packaging of goods, consumers should actively participate in the activities of controlling excessive packaging of goods. First, injection molding has also been successfully used to mold some over packaged goods made of thermosetting plastics; Second, closely rely on the organization of consumer associations to complain and report excessive packaging behaviors that damage their legitimate rights and interests, and use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

it is also a very important aspect to enact special legislation on commodity packaging as soon as possible. Law is a powerful means to regulate various market behaviors. It has become the consensus of developed countries to restrict excessive packaging through legislation, and European governments have formulated packaging laws. For example, Germany, which first advocated the recycling of packaging materials, formulated the "circular economy law", and Denmark took the lead in implementing the "green tax" system. Many countries require manufacturers, importers and retailers to take responsibility for recycling and remanufacturing packaging materials. Excessive packaging of goods is illegal in South Korea. In order to implement the restrictions on the packaging ratio and number of layers of goods, the Korean government should inspect the packaging of goods, reward streamlined packaging, and impose fines on over packaged goods... Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the packaging legislation and put it on the agenda of relevant departments

legislation is an important work, which cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, before legislation, strengthening industry self-discipline can also play a positive role in controlling excessive packaging. The packaging industry association should regulate the proportion and layers of commodity packaging in the volume of the whole commodity and the cost of commodity packaging in the whole commodity, curb the momentum of excessive packaging of commodities through industry norms, and vigorously advocate green packaging. Green packaging is "three Rs and one D" (reduce, reuse, recycle and degradable), that is, packaging should achieve reduction, reuse, recycling and degradability. On the basis of protecting and beautifying commodities, the volume and weight of the packaging should be as small and light as possible; Packages such as bottles can be reused for several times; Packages that cannot be reused should be able to be recycled. After the packaging is useless, it should be able to degrade rather than become hazardous waste

in a word, with people's deepening understanding of the harm of excessive packaging and their awareness of safeguarding rights, the phenomenon of excessive packaging will be effectively curbed and eliminated through legal, administrative and economic means

forcing the transformation of green industry through businesses

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