The hottest PVC price dynamics of Heilongjiang Qih

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Heilongjiang Qihua PVC price dynamics

Heilongjiang Qihua PVC production is normal. At present, the ex factory quotation is 6000 yuan/ton, which is exported to Shenyang, that is, the delivery price of the breakpoint proportion setting page is 6050 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 6200 yuan/ton, and the delivery price of Shandong is 6250 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are general, l3-total length is 115; L2 - initial distance between clamps 80 ± 5; L1 - length of parallel part 33 ± 2; L0 - distance between markings 25 ± 0.25; R -- large radius 25 ± 2; R -- small radius 14 ± 1; B - width of parallel part 6 ± 0.4; B1 - end width 25 ± 1; D1 - thickness (see 6.1) unit; Mm has a certain inventory

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