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Taiyuan psychology and qiangxun technology work together to create an exclusive psychological assistance call center

Shanxi Taiyuan psychiatric hospital (Shanxi mental health center) is a three-level class a psychiatric hospital integrating medical treatment, health care, prevention, scientific research and teaching. It mainly undertakes the prevention and treatment of mental diseases, rehabilitation, judicial expertise, clinical, teaching, scientific research, professional training of mental health in the province, It is an authoritative professional institution in the mental health industry in Shanxi Province and a designated hospital of provincial and municipal medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical system

Hospital experts gathered, gathering most of the province's senior mental health professionals. It has 310 professional and technical personnel, 52 senior professional and technical personnel and re employed experts, including one expert who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. It has the ability to diagnose and treat urgent, serious and difficult psychiatric cases and the function of comprehensive mental health services. Provide mental health services such as psychological examination and diagnosis, psychological consultation and treatment, consultation and diagnosis of various mental disorders, early intervention, outpatient treatment, family treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation guidance and training to the society

the hospital is equipped with advanced equipment. It has an internationally advanced wake pulse connect ect multifunctional treatment system, a fully automatic brain function diagnosis and treatment instrument, and a domestic advanced psychological CT and a full set of psychological evaluation system. It is equipped with EEG monitoring and processing system, color cervical Doppler cerebral blood flow analyzer, large brain disease rehabilitation instrument, music therapy instrument and other major specialized medical equipment, with rich detection and diagnosis and treatment methods, Mental health work is gradually in line with international standards

the hospital has always adhered to the goal of patient satisfaction, based on the main body of the specialty, adhered to rejuvenating the hospital through science and education, continuously improved the service level, improved the service function, and provided safe, effective, convenient and inexpensive mental health services for the society

characteristics of Taiyuan psychological assistance call center:

1. The system is a psychological assistance call center, which is connected with the domestic popular freeswitch soft switch. The efficient system structure lays a stable foundation for traffic and provides real-time guarantee for psychological patients

2. The psychological assistance system of Shanxi Taiyuan psychiatric hospital is in line with the expert team of Beijing cardiac research and industry. The system can evaluate the degree of depression and mental health risk of the interviewed patients according to the user dialogue content, which provides great help to the mental health population

at present, if BYD liberalizes the power battery market, the system has been normally launched and operated stably on May 15, 2020. The computer tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Shijin of the overall system conforms to the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard", and its function and stable operation have been unanimously recognized by leaders and praised by users

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