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Taizhou Plastic industry is struggling to "live"

the weather is getting hot. The production of plastic products, which was originally in the peak season, can't get hot in Taizhou. According to Wang Xiangyou, the owner of the consignment Station in Shilipu, Nancheng street, Huangyan, the production of plastic products has never been "hot" since this year. Shilipu is the birthplace and the main production base of plastic products in Taizhou, where thousands of enterprises related to the plastic industry are gathered, large and small. "Affected by the financial crisis, the business of the consignment Station this year is about 30% less than that of the same period in previous years." Wang Xiangyou said

Taizhou, which enjoys the reputation of "Kingdom of plastic products", has more than 10000 enterprises engaged in the plastic industry in 2008. The annual consumption of plastic raw materials is about 4million tons, the total output of plastic products accounts for about 10.6% of the country, and the total output value of the industry exceeds 40billion yuan

when people are suffering from the impact of the financial crisis, as the "barometer" of the national plastic industry - Taizhou Plastic industry, is it really as hot as Wang Xiangyou described? With the question, we began to look for the answer -

production enterprises are "struggling"

"the financial crisis has little impact on domestic plastic products enterprises, but it has a comprehensive impact on foreign trade export enterprises." In early May, Han Kehua, Secretary General of Taizhou Plastic Industry Association, said in an interview

according to the survey of Taizhou Plastic pneumatic unit T, kg, N, kn, G, LB Industry Association, the impact of daily-use products has been small since this year, which is basically the same as last year; Plastic building materials and supplies, down% from the same period last year; Auto and motorcycle accessories decreased by about half over the same period last year; Agricultural products showed a slight increase compared with last year

"after the Spring Festival this year, the biggest feature of plastic products enterprises is' insufficient orders'. At present, this is the peak production season. Originally, there were more than 200 workers, but now there are only more than 100 people in production. Orders have fallen by at least 20% compared with the previous year." Zhang miaode, chairman of Zhejiang Hangxing Plastic Co., Ltd., said, "the impact of the building materials and pipe industry is mainly due to the reduction of fixed asset investment and the recession of the real estate industry."

Hangxing company, founded in 1985, is a large-scale plastic product production enterprise in Huangyan, with an annual output value of nearly 100 million yuan. It mainly produces PVC, PE water supply and drainage pipes and other pipe fittings, mainly supplies the domestic market, and exports a small part

"Taizhou Plastic processing industry has maintained a good growth trend, but since July 2008, its growth rate has begun to decline, and Taizhou Plastic industry exports are facing great difficulties." Han Kehua believes

according to the statistics of Taizhou customs, the export of Taizhou Plastic products increased negatively in the first quarter of this year. In June, Taizhou exported plastic products totaling US $75.04 million, a decrease of 4.3% over the same period last year (the same below). In the first quarter, Taizhou exported US $60.26 million of plastic products in general trade, an increase of 0.3%, accounting for 80% of the total exports in the same period; Exports in the form of processing trade amounted to 14.78 million US dollars, down 19.5%

in mid May, according to the introduction of many plastic enterprise bosses who are returning from the Canton Fair, compared with the previous Canton Fair, this year's popularity is obviously insufficient. Enterprises basically receive some old customers, and the focus of communication is still the price

"at the Canton Fair in the first half of this year, overseas buyers generally tended to reduce procurement costs and procurement risks and transfer exchange rate risks to domestic production enterprises." Said Chen Jiazeng, general manager of China Commodity mall Plastic Industry Development Co., Ltd

"as some foreign large supermarkets and other purchasers tend to purchase directly to reduce costs, compared with intermediate purchasers, the factory inspection standards are generally improved, which on the other hand increases the production costs of enterprises, and life may be more difficult."

it is not only the manufacturing enterprises that are affected

"at present, the main difficulty faced by Taizhou Plastic products export is: weak external demand." Taizhou customs officials believe that due to the impact of the global economic crisis, the consumer demand of residents in some developed countries has shrunk significantly, directly resulting in the decline in orders of export enterprises in Taizhou

in terms of the product structure of Taizhou Plastic products, plastic products for daily use account for 28%, plastic accessories for automobiles and motorcycles account for 16%, plastic profiles, plates, pipes and waterway accessories for engineering account for 15%, plastic packaging products for production account for 10%, plastic products for agriculture and Fisheries account for 8%, and other plastic products such as toys and handicrafts account for 23%

"51% of Taizhou Plastic products directly enter the end consumer market as consumer goods, and 49% enter other industries as supporting products of new materials. It is directly sensitive to consumer demand and has a high degree of correlation with other industries. Therefore, the fluctuation of market demand will directly affect the survival of Taizhou Plastic products manufacturers." Han Kehua believes

a group of facts confirmed their view. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the export volume of non necessities of life and toy art products in Taizhou Plastic products has been seriously damaged since last year. The export volume in October and November 2008 decreased by more than 50% compared with the same period last year; The international automobile manufacturing industry has experienced a cold spell, and the demand for auto and motorcycle parts with the third largest industrial share in Taizhou has decreased, and the shortage of orders is very obvious; With the reduction of other industrial production, the export volume of engineering plastics has also been affected

Taizhou Plastic industry is a complete industrial chain with plastic processing industry as the core to achieve better economic performance and the synchronous development of plastic machinery, molds and raw materials. Therefore, the impact of the financial crisis on Taizhou Plastic industry is not limited to plastic product production enterprises, but also has a chain reaction -

from the perspective of Taizhou Plastic raw materials, Taizhou has about 4million tons of raw materials consumption, 80% of which are general-purpose materials, and PP, PE, PVC ABS is dominant, because more than 50% of Taizhou Plastic products are handicrafts for daily necessities and toys

"the sales volume has decreased seriously. Since this year, the average sales volume has decreased by 30% compared with the same period last year. Especially in October and November last year, the sales volume of raw materials has decreased by more than 50% compared with the same period last year." Road and bridge, a plastic raw material operator told

according to the survey, since the second half of last year, affected by the unstable price of raw materials, the inventory of raw material dealers has been seriously overstocked, and the sharp decline in the price of raw materials has led to serious losses for dealers. In comparison, engineering plastics have little influence on auxiliary materials and additives

from the perspective of Taizhou Plastic machinery, the insufficient operation of plastic production enterprises has also had a certain impact on plastic machinery

"the production of large-scale plastic machinery decreased by up to 50%, the number of layoffs was up to 40%, and the sales of enterprises decreased by 30%-40%; the plastic machinery mainly exported to Europe and the United States decreased by 30%-40% Chen qiangen, a large plastic machinery dealer in Huangyan, said

there are always more ways than difficulties

everything shows that Taizhou Plastic industry is facing the most difficult moment in the development process of more than a decade. However, Taizhou Plastic enterprises are not idle, but trying to find "jobs"

according to the survey, in the state of lack of market information and little self circulation funds, most of the home-made plastic workshop processing factory owners adopt the "defensive" strategy to deal with the crisis by reducing production and stopping production, "shrinking the front" and other primary ways

"large and medium-sized enterprises on a slightly larger scale, due to their strong team strength, better control of market information, and the high cost of team reconstruction, often adopt the way of transformation and market transformation to seek the survival space of enterprises." Chen Jiazeng told

according to the survey, the number of orders of large and medium-sized enterprises is relatively stable. Although there is a decrease compared with the same period last year, they can basically "break even". Most enterprises rely on their good reputation, brand strength and market sales channels of medium and high-end products to turn to the medium and low-end market to increase product competitiveness and order quantity; Export oriented enterprises, relying on the background of producing export products, turn to the domestic high-end market and the middle and low-end market; Some enterprises take the opportunity to expand resources

according to hejinhui, general manager of (Huangyan) Huari Holding Group Co., Ltd., the company has adjusted its product structure since last June - turning to the production of electric motorcycle accessories, supplemented by motorcycle accessories. In the first quarter of this year, the sales revenue increased by 30%

in March this year, meiplastics, the largest plastic commodity manufacturer in Taizhou that can add a virtual printer if there is no copier, invested 70million yuan to build a new factory near the sea and along the river, ready to produce plastic commodities for export. "Crisis is equal to danger plus opportunity. At present, the market is generally depressed, the prices of some resources have fallen, and the supply of all kinds of talents, equipment and technology in the market is sufficient, which is an excellent opportunity for low-cost expansion." Zhao Jinsong, deputy general manager of the company, said

enterprises are working hard, and Taizhou governments at all levels are also taking action. They can bring their own information -

a Taizhou International Plastic City with a total area of nearly 240000 square meters is about to be completed. After completion, it will become a multi-functional international modern plastic industry trading market with the largest scale, the most comprehensive functions and the latest mode in China

in September this year, the 9th China Plastics Fair will be held in Luqiao. The Organizing Committee of the plastic trade fair has contacted nearly 30 plastic associations in domestic provinces and cities and nearly 50 associations and organizations abroad. Plastic associations in many countries have expressed their intention to participate in the China Plastics Fair. At present, plastic industry associations in six countries, including Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, have reached a cooperation consensus with the Organizing Committee of the China Plastics Fair

"in the second half of the year, it will definitely get better. With the implementation of the national 4trillion yuan investment policy to stimulate domestic demand, it will certainly stimulate and drive domestic investment and consumption. Now, we have clearly felt that orders from rural tap water renovation projects are increasing." Facing the future, Zhang miaode said with confidence

short comment

breakthrough by innovation and upgrading

under the background of the global financial crisis, the development of Taizhou Plastic industry is experiencing "pain"

"how can we see a rainbow without going through the storm"? In the situation of internal and external difficulties, enterprises and governments should not mess up their positions. On the contrary, they should calmly size up the situation and actively look for the way to break through the siege of regional industries

you might as well take a longer view. Taizhou Plastic industry has a large scale, solid foundation and sufficient foundation, which are all advantages. However, according to the theory of a single enterprise, the structural contradiction of "low, small and scattered" is still prominent. The application of plastic civil products is overwhelming, and the potential market space must be very large. Civil plastics are rich in science and technology, and the added value of high-end products is high. At present, in order to find a way to break through the industrial siege, we must first strengthen the independent innovation ability of enterprises, change the situation of simply making ordinary plastics, develop new types of modified plastics, and take the road of scientific and technological innovation development; Secondly, we should take the pilot of comprehensive supporting reform for the innovative development of the provincial private economy as an opportunity to actively optimize the combination in the field of plastic industry, relying on its own industrial chain, create an "aircraft carrier level" enterprise group, and lead the development of the whole industry to a broad road

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