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distributed photovoltaic power generation and dispatching automation function. For power distribution with distributed photovoltaic power generation system, its dispatching automation capacity shall include the determination of dispatching management relationship, system telecontrol configuration scheme, telecontrol information collection, channel organization and secondary safety protection, power quality monitoring, etc. The technical requirements for dispatching in normal operation can be divided into the following aspects, which are also determined by the particularity of different insulation technology systems:

Taiyuan photovoltaic power generation equipment wholesale, precautions for photovoltaic support installation: the installation structure of photovoltaic array support should be simple, solid and durable. The materials for manufacturing and installing PV array supports should be able to withstand the erosion and corrosion of wind and rain. Electroplated aluminum profile, electroplated steel and stainless steel are ideal choices. The welding and fabrication quality of the support shall meet the requirements of the standard code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structure engineering (). The weight of the array support shall be reduced as far as possible to facilitate transportation and installation when it meets the design requirements

the wind resistance of Zhongqin PV bracket is 150 km/h (greater than typhoon of level 13) The new solar module support system represented by solar single axis tracking support and solar double axis tracking support, compared with the traditional fixed support (the same number of solar panels), the high-quality pair of general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture directly contacts the photovoltaic support outlet with the test sample, which can greatly improve the power generation of solar modules, and the power generation of solar single axis tracking support components can be increased by 25%, The solar biaxial support can even increase by 40%-60%

application of photovoltaic support accessories - hinge connection design hinge connection is a connection method, which is different from rigid connection in application. Photovoltaic support manufacturers are only classified according to the relative and relative rotation of support components. Rigid connections cannot be opposed or rotated. If a complete support system is to be formed and used together, there should also be medium pressure blocks, side pressure blocks, section steel, clamps, bases, etc. When we were just negotiating for photovoltaic supports, we often encountered the situation that the manufacturer gave us the price of the day? Is this kind of quotation reasonable? Analysis: as an important material of photovoltaic support, it is relatively large by the stable price of the market, so it is impossible to quote on the same day

the operation efficiency and effect of photovoltaic power stations will directly affect the income of power station assets in the next 25 years. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of photovoltaic operation and maintenance market will reach 7.662 billion yuan/year. Power station operation and maintenance has become the main theme, and the big "cake" of photovoltaic operation and maintenance market will face a new round of competition and division. The automation control system of the whole unit adopts highly integrated network, which makes the performance of the automation system more superior

photovoltaic support system has very strict requirements on its constituent materials. The contact between the materials of different photovoltaic supports is likely to cause electrolytic corrosion, so insulation treatment is required during assembly. According to the constituent materials of the assembly structure, there are three kinds of photovoltaic supports widely used in China: concrete support, steel support and aluminum alloy support. 1. Concrete support: characterized by self weight, it is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power stations. It also has high requirements for the field environment, which can only be placed. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time; Secondly, check whether the joint of the oil system is screwed in the field with good infrastructure conditions. Its advantage lies in its high stability, which can support large battery panels. 2. Steel support: because of its good performance, excellent fabrication, strong bearing capacity, simple and fast assembly, it is favored by civil and industrial solar photovoltaic and solar power stations. 3. Aluminum alloy bracket: mostly used for household solar energy. Its corrosion resistance, light weight, high cost performance, suitable for family economic consumption. Its light weight determines its low bearing capacity and is not suitable for solar power station projects. When choosing photovoltaic supports, we should rush to play the role of photovoltaic supports according to the needs of enterprises and individuals and serve our life well. When we were just negotiating for photovoltaic supports, we often encountered the situation that the manufacturer gave us the price of the day? Is this kind of quotation reasonable? Analysis: as an important material of photovoltaic support, it is relatively large by the stable price of the market, so it is impossible to quote on the same day. Here are some common features: slope roof photovoltaic system support features: 1 Use parts with adjustable height to meet some requirements of different thickness of tile roof

sunken water photovoltaic refers to the establishment of sunken photovoltaic power stations in ponds, small lakes, reservoirs, reservoirs and other water to deal with the large area of traditional photovoltaic power generation. The hardware components of sunken water photovoltaic power stations are mainly photovoltaic panels, combiner boxes, inverter equipment, transformers, collector lines, polyethylene floating platforms, etc

Taiyuan photovoltaic power generation equipment wholesale, roof photovoltaic power station support planning criteria: at the beginning, more and more people were interested in installing roof photovoltaic supports, which not only facilitates application, but also brings benefits. However, many friends are worried that the installation of roof photovoltaic supports will leak rain, which will cause bad luck to the house and lead to rain leakage. Next, let's take a look at the answers of the professionals who produce photovoltaic supports

with the improvement of people's career level, solar powered supports have always played an extremely important role in our daily life. No matter what product is used for a long time, if you don't take good care of it, the function of the product will be greatly improved, and the same is true for the solar bracket. The rapid development of solar energy support is mainly due to its unique planned structure, which makes the angle of components adjustable according to different regions, so that it can fully apply the solar energy capital from other places to achieve the power generation efficiency of solar modules. In the application process, if we don't stop taking care of it, it will lead to the loosening or corrosion of the support, so as to reduce the strength of the solar support, and the function of resisting strong winds and earthquakes will be greatly attenuated, because we should stop taking care of the solar support unilaterally

for the setting of photovoltaic products, it is necessary to have a stable supporting structure, so the photovoltaic support has become a part of the product. However, the photovoltaic support's own ability is still invalid. If you want to lose the illusion of load-bearing ability and stability, you must also have the support of help accessories. We have to mention the photovoltaic support pressing block. The photovoltaic support manufacturer should be able to give professional explanations. For photovoltaic supports of different models, the examples of pressure blocks are also different. However, the side pressure blocks and medium pressure blocks are still the examples, and their effects are also different

both photovoltaic bracket manufacturers and photovoltaic bracket users have a unique chagrin, that is, the corruption performance of photovoltaic brackets, because the manufacturing methods and materials of products will be different, so the parts prone to corruption will also be different. The above is the introduction to this achievement. Everyone must stay. Not to mention what elements form the decay scene of the photovoltaic support, so as to maximize the overall performance of the adhesive. Through the inspection of this support, it is found that the parts where metal decay easily appear are the names of metals and the end faces produced by cutting and processing, so the anti-corrosion methods of these parts must be in place. Although the application of steel has a certain effect on the prevention of corruption, steel plates are not relatively guaranteed to emerge without corruption. In particular, photovoltaic supports are often affected by weather, conditions and other factors in external conditions. When photovoltaic supports produce oxidation reaction, there will be different parts and levels of corruption. 3. Do not damage the waterproof system of the roof 2 Flat roof photovoltaic system: photovoltaic supports can be divided into two types: one is the support used by common water heaters, which can be called photothermal support, and the other is what we call photovoltaic support

however, the future automotive structural components need variable cross-section profiles with variable width and height, as well as the technology of combining a variety of materials. The change of pipe part is realized by expensive hydraulic forming technology. The main limitation of this method is the need for other pipes and production openings. Members with variable cross-section have a good application prospect in the manufacture of tower. Using variable cross-section tower components can not only improve the stiffness of the tower, but also reduce the quality of the tower, which is of practical significance. The flexible roll forming process is suitable for manufacturing profiles with variable width open and closed sections. It is important to add stop components when connecting the beam with the support frame; If necessary, tie rod connection can also be applied in the beam; If the beam is too long, use the connecting piece and bolt to connect and stop it firmly

the operation of equipment is often overloaded. At present, in most cold bending enterprises, different departments are usually set as the main management departments of equipment when carrying out the technical management of production equipment, and at the same time, the economic benefits are excessively pursued in the setting of management objectives. The simultaneous emergence of the two factors has caused various problems in the development of equipment technology management in cold bending enterprises

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