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Inamori Kazuo: Ten responsibilities of leaders

first, clarify the purpose and significance of the cause, and make it clear to his subordinates that as the business head, the leader of the enterprise must first clarify the purpose and significance of the cause he leads, and make it clear to his subordinates that he finds some purpose and significance through experiments, and do everything possible to obtain their approval, so as to obtain the full assistance of everyone

among enterprise leaders, some people may regard the purpose and significance of being responsible for customers and starting a business as "making money". If enterprises want to achieve development, the acquisition of profits is indeed essential, but when setting up a business, enterprise leaders should not only take into account the social significance, but also pay attention to the dynamic power of people. Therefore, I believe that the purpose and significance of a career must be to enable both leaders and subordinate employees to feel that they are working for a noble purpose, which is a kind of existence beyond the general level

Kyocera's business philosophy is to make contributions to the progress and development of mankind and society while pursuing the happiness of all employees in both physical and mental aspects. It is by revealing such a high-level corporate purpose that can be recognized by all, and calling on the employees of the enterprise to "let us jointly realize this idea", that I can unite with all the employees of Kyocera and work together until now. And it is precisely because this enterprise purpose has successfully won the unanimous recognition of Kyocera employees and worked hard for it that Kyocera can be today

therefore, when leading an organization as a leader, it is extremely important to clarify the purpose and significance of your career and win the recognition of organization members

second, reveal specific goals, reduce the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal with subordinates, and formulate corresponding plans.

after the leaders clarify the purpose and significance of the cause and reach a consensus with their subordinates, they need to establish specific goals and formulate corresponding plans. In the process of formulating goals and plans, leaders must be at the core, listen to the opinions of subordinates widely, and brainstorm. The purpose of this is to let the organization members participate in the formulation stage of goals and plans, so that they have the awareness of "this is the plan we all make together", that is to say, it is very important to let the organization members have the independent awareness of actively participating in the organization's business activities

however, when it is necessary to start a new business or capture a huge business opportunity, it is necessary for leaders to shoulder it quickly and decisively and lead the formulation of new goals. At this time, leaders should not only set future goals, but also find effective ways and means to achieve this goal. At the same time, it is also necessary to reveal to the subordinates the reasons for setting this goal, the leaders' own understanding and ideas about this goal, as well as the specific implementation methods and ways. In this process, leaders must thoroughly communicate with their subordinates in order to obtain their sincere recognition, so that their subordinates can work together to achieve their goals. In order to achieve this in practice, I will look for all opportunities in daily morning meetings, other meetings, and internal social gatherings, Do everything possible to explain to the employees "why we need to achieve this goal" and "how we can achieve this goal". Especially at the dinner party, as a leader, it is very important to be able to open up and communicate frankly with his subordinates at the wine table. Only when the work enthusiasm of subordinate employees rises to the same level as that of leaders, it is really possible to unite all forces to achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise

third, keep a strong will in your heart

the foundation of my business practice is based on the belief that "wish is success". The reason why I realize this is entirely from my personal experience many years ago

at the beginning of the founding of Kyocera, I had the honor to attend a speech by Mr. Yukiko Matsushita in Kyoto. At the meeting, he introduced the famous concept of "reservoir management", that is to say, "when the business is in good condition, the enterprise should ensure that sufficient internal funds are retained as if the reservoir is full of water, so as to meet unexpected needs". At the end of the speech, an audience asked, "although the concept of reservoir management is perfect, what should be done by enterprises that simply cannot ensure sufficient funds?" This question stunned Mr. xingzhizhu a little, and then he replied, "you first have to have the idea that the enterprise must guarantee sufficient funds." This answer was equal to saying nothing, which caused the audience to laugh. However, Mr. Xing Zhizhu's words shocked me: "operators must first have a strong desire to ensure that the enterprise has sufficient funds, and then we can talk about others." Mr. xingzhizhu's answer made me realize the importance of "will"

leaders must first ensure their strong will, and then pass this strong will to all subordinate members, which will help to achieve the set goals

IV. pay more efforts than ordinary people

leaders are representatives of a department and an enterprise. Leaders must inspire their employees to treat their work like themselves through their diligence. An important responsibility of leaders is to set an example, show their diligent attitude to all organization members, and lead employees and command the whole team

in shengheshu, a place where many business operators gather, whenever I ask you "do you work hard", the answer is "I have done my best to work hard". However, what I am referring to here is the kind of effort beyond ordinary people. In reality, even if we think we have worked very hard, if our competitors' efforts are higher than ours, we will eventually fail in the competition, and all our previous efforts will come to naught. Therefore, leaders must make unparalleled efforts in their work, that is, they must make efforts that do not lose to anyone else. Maybe this means unbearable toil, but to succeed, as a leader, there is only one choice

the British philosopher James Allen (1864-1912) once said, "if one wants to succeed, he must pay the corresponding self sacrifice. If he wants to achieve greater success, he needs to pay greater self sacrifice. If he wants to achieve greater success, it means greater self sacrifice."

when we want to succeed in our career, we must sacrifice our various leisure preferences, that is, our personal desires. Such self sacrifice is an indispensable price for our success in our career

if a leader can continue to make extraordinary efforts for the happiness of the collective members, he is bound to win the support and follow of all the collective members

v. have a strong will

leaders must have a strong will. If the leader of an organization lacks a strong will, it will bring disastrous consequences to the organization

in the unpredictable business sea, enterprises may encounter various unpredictable situations and situations at any time. At this time, if the leaders of enterprises lack strong will, they may easily change and modify the enterprise objectives. This practice will make the established goals of the enterprise become nominal, and then damage the trust and respect of the enterprise employees for the leaders. Therefore, the strong will to unswervingly adhere to the established goals has become an important qualification necessary for enterprise leaders

VI. outstanding personality

leaders must have outstanding personality, or be able to fully recognize the importance of having outstanding personality, and make continuous efforts to achieve the improvement of their own personality. As a leader, a very important point is that even if there are still some problems in his personality at present, he must have the firm will and action to improve his personality

the so-called "outstanding personality" does not only mean having a noble philosophy, but also must be able to adhere to the most basic ethics such as "being honest with others", "not lying", "integrity", "not greedy". If a person can warn himself at any time and place, and try to pay it to practical action, he will naturally be able to achieve the sublimation of his own personality

VII. Never give up no matter what difficulties you encounter

I believe that leaders must be borne by people who will not surrender no matter what difficulties you encounter, but take "never give up" as their creed

when conducting business activities, you may encounter sudden difficulties and challenges at any time. Therefore, if leaders are used to giving up easily, it is not enough to achieve any career. I often like to use the word "flaming fighting spirit". In order to overcome all kinds of difficulties and develop their own enterprise, leaders must have the same competitive spirit as gladiators and command the whole enterprise with their flaming fighting spirit. Therefore, I firmly believe that leaders must be borne by people who will never give up regardless of any difficulties and have indomitable fighting spirit

VIII. Treat subordinates with love

leaders must always keep subordinates' interests and happiness in mind, be able to carry love, and guide subordinates out of the desire to help them grow. By "carrying love" I mean not the doting of elders on children, but the kind of love that has both considerate care and strict requirements

in order to achieve the purpose of cultivating subordinates, leaders should impart knowledge and skills derived from their own experience without reservation. If you can do this, when your subordinates have problems and deficiencies in their work, the leader can naturally point out immediately and scold them severely without concern. No matter how strict the leader's attitude is, as long as the original intention is from the goodwill and love of hoping for the growth and progress of subordinates, subordinates are bound to be able to understand and accept the leader's strict attitude

in order to cater to subordinates, leaders pretend to be tolerant, which is not conducive to the growth and progress of subordinates. When leaders lack the courage to strictly demand their subordinates and will only blindly please and indulge their subordinates, this will only hinder the growth of subordinates and further endanger the enterprise itself. When you need to be strict with your subordinates, you can be ruthless from scratch, which is the embodiment of the true love of a leader for his subordinates

however, when their subordinates encounter difficulties and misfortunes, leaders must try their best to help and support them with love. Even with goodwill and love in their hearts, leaders who only treat their subordinates severely on the surface cannot win the support and hearts of their subordinates

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