Ten steps of the hottest inch photo typesetting an

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Ten steps for inch photo typesetting and printing (Part 2)

8. Repeat "paste" and "move", and arrange the remaining 6 sheets, leaving a space of about 2mm between the two sheets. (as shown in the figure below)

9. Click "file" → "print preview" and remove the √ of "center image" in the dialog box for stabilizing the market price in the main production areas of domestic mines, and fill in the data 0, so that the photo moves to the top. (as shown in the figure below)

10. Put A4 photo paper into the printer, click "print" and a prompt window will appear. Don't worry about it, click "continue" and set the printing parameters to print. (as shown in the figure below)

Print 1-inch photos. Each row can hold 7 photos, and it can also be arranged in 2 or 3 rows. For 2-inch photos, rotate the image 90 degrees first, so that 4 photos can be placed in each row. This arrangement will not waste paper. Cut off the remaining image paper of the photos and continue printing until it is too short to feed any more paper. You can stick it on an A4 copy paper and continue to use it

of course, 9 pieces of 4R paper can also be arranged horizontally and vertically. Don't throw away the leftover materials cut at ordinary times, and stick them to larger paper for printing

source: China inkjet forum

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