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Xiushu Ozawa, President of Canon (China): ten year plan and the goal of 10 billion US dollars (Part 2)

from a macroeconomic perspective, President Ozawa's judgment is very persuasive, but when it comes to canon, Canon (China), the hydraulic universal experimental machine is the ideal experimental equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes, and mechanical laboratories of colleges and universities. Whether the goal of 10 billion US dollars has been achieved, We still need to give a more convincing explanation from Canon (China) product content, sales model, and even Canon's brand image in China

new products and patents are the backing

in July 2008, President Hideki Ozawa, who is in charge of the overall business of Canon (China), shuttled between China and Japan nonstop, shuttling back and forth to major cities in China. He told this newspaper: this month I went to Hong Kong first, and then to Shenzhen; I also went to Shanghai and visited Sichuan. It's time to go to Tokyo again tomorrow (July 19)

Ozawa is constantly observing social changes with his own eyes. In Beijing's parks, he can use the few Chinese sentences he learned to talk to people who come to Beijing from other places as much as possible. Ozawa feels that 2008 has been very different from 2005 when he just came to Beijing. The huge plastic waste in the park has become an urgent problem to be solved. Fewer and fewer people take film cameras, and more and more people take pictures with ordinary digital cameras. He also found that professional SLR digital cameras have gradually ceased to be the object of curiosity

China is constantly changing to affluence, but not many of its 1.3 billion people can use digital cameras, and even fewer can use Canon products. President Ozawa observed China very calmly. He drew a pyramid for this magazine, pointed to the top layer with his finger, and said that only a few people can use Canon digital cameras, but there are many people below this part. As their lives become richer, they will also pick up digital cameras to travel and record their lives

the people at the top of the pyramid are also changing. In the past, they may have been very satisfied with an ordinary digital camera, but now they are changing to SLR digital cameras. Chinese consumers are pursuing more touching and professional SLR cameras. President Ozawa said. The sales volume of Japanese SLR digital cameras in 2008 has exceeded the record set by film cameras in the past. President Ozawa often went to the market to investigate the sales of SLR digital cameras in China. Of course, he saw the firestorm in China. The price and profit level of each SLR camera are unmatched by ordinary portable digital cameras. And we are constantly developing new SLR cameras that are highly professional and more acceptable to consumers

cameras are Canon's strengths, but from the perspective of the composition of Canon's business turnover, cameras account for less than 1/4 of the company's total business. Other office products such as copiers and printers account for 1/2 of Canon's turnover, and the rest are industrial products such as broadcasting equipment and medical equipment

our large-scale color digital printing machine has a very good market in China. It has just been launched and immediately achieved success. President Ozawa said. The most advanced printing machine in the world has an excellent market in China because China has the advantage of labor cost, and it not only has a huge domestic market, but also can undertake a large number of printing businesses from abroad. In the process of enterprise globalization, the advantages of China's printing industry are becoming more and more obvious, which opens a channel for Canon's printing press to sell in China

when our magazine interviewed Canon headquarters in Tokyo, people from Canon company said that since 1997, Canon's number of patents registered in the United States has ranked second only after IBM, and occasionally it has been squeezed to the third place by other companies, but it has not been lower than the third place. With a large number of patents on hand, Canon has ensured its leading position in technology and its dominant position in product development and production

if a grand plan is not backed by excellent products and rich patents, it may be a goal. Things will change. No one will be too serious if it is realized or abandoned halfway. President Ozawa, who likes to write in a big way, has not forgotten that he must do what he says. He should be down-to-earth and dare to challenge in order to get close to the goal and finally achieve the goal


president Hideki Ozawa will not only explain his 17 articles of the sales constitution to the Japanese, but also repeatedly implement the 17 articles he summarized to the staff of Canon (China)

do you know that there is a 17 hole bridge in the summer palace in Beijing? Looking at the bridge from afar, there are 9 holes from the left to the center of the bridge, and there are 9 holes from the right to the center. It adds up to 17 holes. 9 is the largest number, and the next level higher than 9 can only be 17. President Ozawa explained Article 17 in a Chinese way

10 years and annual sales of US $10billion sound very distant and huge, and you may encounter a kind of bellows ring stiffness testing machine when realizing it. Do you have any difficulties and have the spirit of 17 challenges? President Ozawa is full of confidence in achieving the goal

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