Ten unforgettable moments in the action of the hot

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Ten unforgettable moments in the action of meitushi to protect the mother river

ten unforgettable moments in the action of meitushi to protect the mother river

December 10, 2010

[China paint information] looking back on the days that have passed, there are always some things that we can't let go of - maybe it broke through some kind of imprisonment, maybe it showed some joy, maybe it touched some of our nerves... 2010, Together with the Central Committee of the regiment, metus launched the action to protect the mother river all over the country. We select 10 ordinary and ordinary pictures, and use these pictures to sort out with readers the unremitting efforts made by Metso in the environmental protection industry in the coming 2010. Let's feel the unforgettable moving moments of 2010 again

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an unforgettable moment: you will never walk alone in green environmental protection.

in the morning of September 5, Hengshui love Public Welfare Alliance organized volunteers to pick up garbage and distribute publicity materials by the Fuyang River, and made contributions to the creation of a civilized city and a garden city with practical actions. The picture shows the disabled volunteers distributing environmental protection pamphlets to the citizens. While honoring them, they strengthened our confidence in making contributions to environmental protection

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unforgettable moment 2: hope for tomorrow

November 20 "green life has you and me" green home publicity and practice activity Tianjin station, a 12-year-old boy is standing on steel for the pressing of concrete -- Jin min laboratory has achieved the only one in China at present CNAs accreditation certificate issued by China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment, the most authoritative laboratory accreditation institution, Part 4: strand waited quietly beside the green home information desk of metus, and his firm eyes showed a hope for tomorrow

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unforgettable moment 3: a busy day

do some enterprises. In 2010, meitushi donated 5million yuan to support the action to protect mother river. In the next few months, major cities across the country set off a wave of environmental protection fever. The picture shows that on November 20, the staff of Xi'an meitushi distributed environmental protection bags and leaflets, which won many citizens' looting, and green life gradually entered the hearts of Chinese people

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unforgettable moment 4: Harvest troubles

environmental protection is not a one-off deal, and the problems accumulated over a long period of time need the participation of the whole people. The picture shows the garbage picked up by the volunteers of Medusa on the Xiangjiang River on November 20. When celebrating the harvest of the day's action, they lament when our mother river will no longer be artificially polluted. The activity of protecting mother river requires our joint efforts. Only if you and I share a sincere heart of environmental protection, can our home become more beautiful

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unforgettable moment 5: I hope tomorrow

on May 30, meitushi and Xinjiang Medical University held a "large-scale free clinic for children on June 1" in Urumqi children's Park. In addition to the free clinic, the activity also arranged a parent-child game to strengthen the interaction between parents and children and enhance their feelings. At the same time, metox also sent environmental protection bags and environmental protection knowledge manuals, calling on everyone to jointly protect the Tarim River. Protecting the mother river requires the joint efforts of people of all ethnic groups to jointly build a better tomorrow

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the experiment was carried out at room temperature. Unforgettable moment 6: happiness of suffering together

on September 5, the action of meitushi to protect mother river entered Jinan. Although it was late, the enthusiasm of the general public remained unabated. Liujianjun, Minister of the youth employment and entrepreneurship Department of metus, was submerged in the crowded crowd to command the order on the scene. The activities of protecting the mother river held by metus in major cities across the country attracted the attention of a large number of citizens. A thousand mile trip begins with one step. "Protect the mother river" is not just a slogan like the factory production line. Only when the whole people form a joint force can we truly make our mother river go far and long

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unforgettable moment 7: the most pure and beautiful smile

look at the innocent smiling faces of children. A simple environmental performance has attracted the attention of many children. Cultivating and educating children to establish awareness of environmental protection from an early age will benefit the present age and the future

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unforgettable moment 8: Waving the hope of tomorrow

this is a very common picture of Metz protecting its mother in Lanzhou on September 19. Many environmental protection volunteers actively participate in environmental protection activities. In 2010, Metz and the Communist Youth League held environmental protection activities in major cities across the country, and with their own modest efforts, they advocated everyone to devote themselves to the construction of a beautiful and environmentally friendly ecological home

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unforgettable moment 9: depict the most gorgeous touch of green

6.5 ten provinces are linked to build a beautiful home. At the Hunan Changsha branch venue, a little sister who had just entered the first grade came to the activity table to add her own color to the green leaves in her heart. With the launching of the action of Metz to protect mother river, more and more parents and their children have joined the ranks of advocating the construction of green ecological homes

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unforgettable moment 10: you and me work together in environmental protection.

6 5 World Environment Day, Hebei Chengde station, hundreds of college students joined the "green life has you and me" environmental protection activities, signed their names under the blue sky and white clouds, and made their own efforts for the environmental protection cause. In China, it is precisely because tens of thousands of college student volunteers have influenced the people around us with their own actions. They are the new force of the whole country's environmental protection cause and promote the country's environmental protection process

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