Ten Secrets of the hottest printing paper

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Ten unknown secrets of printing paper

some people may already know these little secrets in the process of using paper; Some of them are not very clear, and understanding these knowledge can make printing enterprises become more calm when producing live parts, and the effect is more satisfactory

1. People still like paper and will continue to use it

2. The main reason why printing plants use opaque paper is that they have better opacity and higher brightness than offset paper. In addition, it is often used to improve the smoothness of the printed matter or match the weight of the cover paper

3. Paper mills always announce price increases, but never lower the price of paper. Since this year, paper has experienced three price increases. People should pay close attention to the dynamics of paper mills and paper dealers to find out the latest trend of paper prices

4. Paper is much more environmentally friendly than many people think, and electronic communication is not as environmentally friendly as most people think. Paper is a renewable resource. Most of the energy used by paper mills in the papermaking process is carbon neutral, at least renewable. From another point of view, computer servers use about 1.5% of the electricity of the United States every year. In 2007, the United States produced a total of 2.2 million tons of e-waste, of which 1.8 million tons were sent to landfills. Since 2000, this data has been growing at a rate of 7.7% every year

5. Wood pulp paper is sometimes an ideal substitute for uncoated offset paper. Its price is lower, its texture is thicker, and its basic gram weight is lower than that of ordinary paper. These are the advantages of wood pulp paper, and its disadvantage is that the brightness is not enough, which may reduce the printing quality and durability, which is a fatal blow to the book paper

6. Books are now printed on demand. Many bookstores will choose to print color covers on coated paper and black-and-white text on lighter uncoated paper. In the future, there will be more and more such groups of Durethan nylon 6, another leading product of HPM

7. For uncoated paper, smooth paper may look and feel better than rough paper. And many printing houses and printing buyers think they can print better products with smooth paper, but this is not the case. Unless the formula is superior, smooth paper is more prone to ink spots and other faults, especially when printing large solid colors

8. Digital inkjet is quite different from digital laser or toner printing. Toner can be used with most coated or uncoated paper. If you have a brand-new toner printing machine, you can try it, which determines the structure of the tension machine. It is used for printing on conventional offset paper. Inkjet printers are much more troublesome. Although some inkjet printers can print on some specific paper, the ink they eject cannot adhere to the coated paper, or it is easy to be absorbed by the uncoated paper

9. The international community will continue to investigate the anti dumping of coated paper produced in China and Indonesia. The U.S. Department of Commerce made a final ruling on September 12, and the ruling of the International Trade Commission officially began on October 16

10. We usually like to print color patterns on coated paper. For most applications, coated paper is an ideal choice for color printing. These building blocks must be combined with billions of Lego building blocks currently in use worldwide. However, some live parts can also be printed on uncoated paper or opaque paper, especially the text and cover

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